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About iDS


IDS BANGLADESH (Integrated Digital Services of Bangladesh) is a complete IT services and solutions provider in Bangladesh. Initially born as a nationwide Internet Service Provider Company in 1993, IDS Bangladesh has been at the forefront of the Internet evolution in Bangladesh with cutting edge technology. It is one of the concerns of prominent Irving Group. During its long walk IDS Bangladesh gained versatility and exhibited service excellence in other IT related service sectors as well while continuing core business of providing premium and tailor-made Internet access all over Bangladesh through all the available gateways.

As a Technology Partner for corporates with business needs that span throughout Dhaka, iDS Bangladesh delivers a full suite of Internet and Data Communications Solutions to keep your WAN infrastructure up to the speed with today’s demands and tomorrow’s possibilities. iDS Bangladesh designs its networks to support a highly sensitive applications and information required by today’s businesses with exceptionally affordable price, performance and service levels. We support local, regional, national and international network deployments with a focus on high availability and diverse solutions to ensure maximum network reliability for your business success.


“The only thing more amazing and beautiful than our services are what our clients do with them”



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